About Us

My name is Tessa and I have had an obvious addiction to papers, pens, fabric and the art of creating from my earliest years.

I came to realize that there are so many of us who do not experience the joy of creativity because we have never been shown how.

I founded Care2Create so I can share my knowledge and creative passion with you through my classes. My mission is to help those who feel they are not
creative to realize that we are all creative in our own special way and that we all can make amazing things, we just need to be given a helping hand.

My vision is to get already creative people to come together as we enjoy our passion for craft and hopefully learn and take something special away with them each time they have been with me.

Our Team at Care2Create

Tessa Van Vulpen
Kim Pascoe

Creative Inspiration is not often flaunted in abundance, but one class with Tessa and Kim and you will understand why we are so passionate about what we do. We are thrilled to work with you every from the very start of each of your projects until the exciting completion.

With a joint 4 decades of helping our friends through their projects, we cannot wait to see what we can help you achieve. Whether it is the initial helping encouragement you need, or the final expert opinion to cross that plateau we can get you where you need to go.

We want to inspire you to create, so that you may inspire others to create.